My “Aha” Moment!


Do you remember your Aha Moments?

Usually during my aha moments, I literally say out loud, whether there’s someone in the room or not, “I just had an Aha moment!”  I’m sort of weird that way.  During my dating days, boy, did I have many moments like that.  However, because I was “so into him”, I chose to follow my emotions and ignore my heart.  Oh don’t act like you haven’t been there!

How many times did you say to yourself now would be a good time to get out of this relationship?

Disclaimer:  For those of you who are in wonderful relationships, otherwise known as “happily found”, this message is not for you.  I pray you will soon be walking down the aisle to spend the rest of your lives with the man God has for you. Continue reading My “Aha” Moment!


Look Up! God Is Our Reward!

look up imageAs I sat in the briefing, I wondered why my coworker was being acknowledged for the work I had done?  Does he not know that it was my actions that led to this point of recognition?  Surely my manager must know it was me.  I left the briefing that morning with many questions swarming my thoughts. I said within myself, he must really hate me.  Once again, I had allowed his disrespect towards me hurt my feelings. Continue reading Look Up! God Is Our Reward!

Ungodly Soulties

It’s amazing to me that after Shechem raped Dinah, the bible says “his soul clave unto Dina the daughter of Jacob…”  (Gen 34:3, KJV).  The Amplified Bible literally says “but his soul clung to and longed for Dina the daughter of Jacob” (AMP).  Wow!  This verse is a sad, but honest reality to the extent a person’s soul becomes connected to another person’s soul through the very act of sex. We have to be careful, especially single people, to not engage our bodies with just any and everyone. Continue reading Ungodly Soulties

New Beginnings

Karen Ravn

Change is not always easy.  Big changes, like the ones that change your life completely, sometimes require stepping out in faith.  I have to, need to, and desire to trust God in these times when I am unsure what my future consists of.  I thank God for never leaving me nor forsaking me, but always being with me through every step of the way.   The Psalmist wrote Continue reading New Beginnings


This post is in response to a bible study at Proverbs 31 Ministries.

One very distinct #SayWhat moment for me was my move to NC.   I was happily raising my 3 children in a small town in Midland, MI.  I had been divorced for some time then and had found a decent-paying job with the government that offered great benefits for me and my children.  My parenting relationship with my ex-husband was at its peak and we were committed to raising our children together on the same accord.  My home was only 2 years old and I loved the fresh, still-new smell every time I entered the door. Continue reading #SayWhat

Boldly Approaching the Throne for Daily Grace

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