Speaking the Word That Lives Within Us

Heb 4.12 formatted

I was reading one of Shade Akinbiyi’s blog post on her website Prophetic Voice when I realized she is doing what all believers are called to do.

I can honestly say every time I’ve visited the Prophetic Voice, I have left with an encouraged and uplifted spirit.

That is not to say that every time I visit I am in a state of discouragement, although at times, I have been dealing with some tough life issues.

However, even while I’m trolling through the tulips of life, when I land on her page, I find encouragement and weapons I can use to strengthen my walk in Christ.

Shade’s blog is just one of the many faith-filled blogs I visit and find strength for my soul.

Just as I am encouraged by reading faith-filled blogs, I believe every believer is called to speak encouraging words to those who are experiencing difficult times, to the hurting, to the lost, and even to those who are experiencing much joy in their lives.

As believers, we should always have a word in our mouth, God’s Word, ready for every occasion of life.

Not only does this apply when speaking to others, but it applies to speaking God’s Word over our own lives as well.

As such, our tongues are as ready writers (Psalm 45: 1), filled with words fit for every occasion.

I remember at my oldest daughter’s high school graduation open house, I spoke the words of Jeremiah 29:11 which states God knows the plans He has for her. Plans to prosper her and to give her a hope and a future.

What a word to speak into a graduates future!

What words are you speaking in to those you encounter at the grocery store, in your neighborhood, to your loved ones, and to total strangers?

Are they words filled with hope?

Words for overcoming trials and life’s difficult moments.

Words of affirming faith and trust in God.

Words of healing.

Words of love.

What does your words say about you?

What does your words say about the God you serve?

After reading and/or memorizing a verse of scripture or reading a daily devotional, do you often think you are to share those words with someone else?

The Word of God is not only for our own strength and encouragement, but for those around us as well.

We have the Living Word, Jesus, moving and breathing on the inside of us to draw others unto Him.

The Word is not locked up on the inside of us, bound in chains hidden from others and ourselves, only released when we get to heaven.


His Word is available to us today and is an ever-present help in time of need!

His Word is alive and always ready to perform!

When I think of the power words have, I think of how God spoke everything into its existence.

I envision words hitting targets hard like arrows hitting the bull’s-eye.

Depending on who or what the target is, that could be good or bad.

For example, if speaking words of faith for healing, then it is very appropriate to target an area of the body that needs healing with what the Word of God says about healing.

What does the One who lives on the inside of you say about healing?

When speaking to someone who is experiencing hopelessness, then it is very appropriate to speak words of hope to the individual to target the hopelessness he/she feels.

What does the One who lives on the inside of you, the God of all hope (Romans 15:13), say about hope?

Just as positive words affect others and ourselves positively, words of negativity have the opposite effect.

 Negative words, whether spoken to target oneself or to target others, can hit bull’s-eye and have a damaging and lasting effect.

I suffered with rejection and low self-esteem for many years because of negative words.

They were words the enemy spoke to me through others as well as words I spoke over myself.

Negative words I used to speak to myself included “I could never, I can’t imagine, it’s too difficult, that’s impossible, I don’t deserve”.

Now I speak that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Nothing is too difficult or too hard for my God.

With God, all things are possible.

In my sinfulness, I deserve nothing. But because of Jesus and the completed work He did on the cross, I deserve and am worthy of love, favor, respect, honor, and to be treasured.

I deserve to enjoy the life He’s given me and live my life more abundantly.

Believers should always be ready to speak a Word to those around them as well as to themselves.

Isiah 50:4 states “The Lord God hath given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary: he wakeneth morning by morning, he wakeneth mine ear to hear as the learned.”

According to this verse, we are already equipped with the Word to speak to others in whatever season of life they are experiencing.

We have the greatest weapon, Jesus, who is the Word of God on the inside of us, to combat any issue we may face as well as issues those around us may encounter.

Therefore, celebrate life with those who are celebrating by speaking words of joy and celebration into their futures.

Uplift the hurting.

Speak life to the lost.

Speak words of healing to the sick in body.

Speak love to the broken-hearted and contrite spirit.

To the fearful and insecure, speak words of peace and security.

To the shameful, speak words of renewal and wholeness.

To those who are experiencing difficult trials, speak of God’s faithfulness and how He causes us to overcome.

Stir up the Word on the inside of you to speak life into others as well as to yourselves.

May God’s love overwhelm you,

Marilyn J.


4 thoughts on “Speaking the Word That Lives Within Us”

  1. Marilyn thank you for such an empowering post! Not only I’m totally humbled to hear your testimony, but the Lord has used this powerful post to reawaken and strengthen my hope to hold on to the power of His Word to change lives and transform our communities! I also, thank you for allowing the Lord to use your life to unveil beautiful truths in His Word to me through your posts. I pray that your life will continue to exalt Jesus Christ in every way and heal many hurting souls. Thank you 🙂 God bless you my sister! 🙂

    1. Shade, I should be thanking you because I am truly blessed every time I visit your blog. I’m glad my testimony has encouraged you. I look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for you. Continue doing the will of God and serving Him by providing seasoned, timely words to the body of Christ. Always a blessing to me! God bless you my sister! 🙂

  2. Hi Marilyn! How true it is that the living and effective Word of God lives in us. And do we use it for good? Or even use it at all. Like you shared, a negative word can really bring someone down. Make them feel less than the true Child of God that they are. I’ve been there too, and it can be devastating.
    I think as I get older, I get a little bit better at discerning what is a good word, or a word that comes from a dark place. Never perfect, but it helps sometimes.

    Praying that you will see your place in the Kingdom always. You are his child, and nothing can take that away from you!

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