The Pace of Your Spiritual Journey – Resource Center – Truth For Life

The Pace of Your Spiritual Journey – Resource Center – Truth For Life.

Running is not everything. There is much in the way that we select: A swift foot over hill and down dale will not keep pace with a slower traveler upon level ground. How is it with my spiritual journey? Am I laboring up the hill of my own works and down into the ravines of my own humiliations and resolutions, or do I run by the plain way of “Believe and live”?

How blessed is it to wait upon the Lord by faith! The soul runs without weariness and walks without fainting in the way of believing. Christ Jesus is the way of life, and He is a plain way, a pleasant way, a way suitable for the tottering feet and feeble knees of trembling sinners. Am I found in this way, or am I hunting after another track such as priestcraft or metaphysics may promise me?

I read of the way of holiness, that the wayfaring man, though a fool, shall not err therein. Have I been delivered from proud reason and been brought as a little child to rest in Jesus’ love and blood? If so, by God’s grace I shall outrun the strongest runner who chooses any other path.

This truth I may remember to my profit in my daily cares and needs. It will be my wisest course to go at once to my God, and not to wander in a roundabout manner to this friend and that. He knows my wants and can relieve them. To whom should I repair but to Himself by the direct appeal of prayer and the plain argument of the promise? “Straightforward makes the best runner.” I will not parley with the servants but hasten to their master.

In reading this passage, it strikes me that if men vie with each other in common matters, and one outruns the other, I ought to be in solemn earnestness so to run that I may obtain. Lord, help me to gird up the loins of my mind, and may I press forward toward the mark for the prize of my high calling of God in Christ Jesus.


6 thoughts on “The Pace of Your Spiritual Journey – Resource Center – Truth For Life”

  1. Reading this makes me think of the many times we resort to rehashing our troubles with people, who can’t do anything about it instead of taking matters to God. He controls all things.

  2. Hi Marilyn! You make such a good point about walking the straight path to the Lord. Sometimes I just make it all so hard. His way is the best way!

    I do think our friends are a great help to us too, but in the end, we have to do what the Lord is prompting us to do for him. How will I know what that is unless I am walking with him first?
    Great food for thought. I hope you had a good Monday đŸ™‚

    1. Ciel, unfortunately I didn’t write this, but shared it from another site. However, the author does make excellent points about walking the straight path of the Lord. Many blessings to you dear friend! Thanks for stopping by.

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