Merry Christmas


I cant believe Christmas is in 5 days.  Where has the time gone?

I wish I could rewind the time to December 1st because I want to enjoy more of the season.

I hear all the time that Christmas should be celebrated in our hearts all year.

I totally agree.

However, the season of Christmas is recognized and celebrated, not only in our hearts this time of year, but outward expressions abound gracefully throughout our homes and in home towns all over the world.

The very thought of celebrating Christ all over the world excites me.

He’s worthy of celebrating, honoring, and worshiping.

Take some time to let Him know how much He’s loved by you.

Sing a song to Him, dance before Him, offer a sacrifice of praise to Him.

He’s worthy folks because He was born.  Born to die and rise again to live on the inside of you and me.

He covers us.  And He’s for us!

He sits at the right hand of the Father pleading on our behalves.

Such an awesome Savior of the world He is.

A glorious friend He is, indeed!

We are truly blessed beyond measure to have Him, moving, living, and breathing on the inside of us.

He could have chosen to live in the mountains where we would have to climb to visit Him, like Moses did in his day.

He could have chosen to live in an ark like He did during David’s day.

But He didn’t.  He saw you and He saw me and chose our hearts as His home.

He is the gap-filler between me (you) and God.

Because of Him, we have total access to our Papa (Abba Father).

I’m so grateful and so humbled that He came to the world for me.

And I’m grateful for all of you, because we would not have met through this blog if it were not for Him.

He is the reason I write.

I’ve learned so much from meeting and reading your blogs as well.

Therefore, it is my pleasure to wish every single one of you a

Blessed & Merry Christmas! 

As always, May His love overwhelm you,

Marilyn J.



10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas”

  1. Merry Christmas, Marilyn! It’s always so great to read different blogs that share the true meaning of Christmas.

    Because of Jesus, we LIVE, MOVE, and have our BEING. I’m so glad He chose me to carry out His word.

  2. Merry Christmas Marilyn! I love this post, it was so beautifully written. And indeed, it is wonderful to think of everyone around the world celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus. Blessed Christmas and a very happy 2014, I am so glad I found your blog this year. 🙂


  3. Marilyn Merry Christmas! Thank you for this heart warming greetings, a beautiful reminder as we countdown to that day 🙂 Again, all the very best of the season to you and yours!! 🙂

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