Tune-in Tuesdays: Israel Houghton

tune-inIsrael Houghton is my favorite praise and worship artist.  I love a lot of music, but there is something about how Israel can take me to the top of the mountain of praise, then down on my knees in the valley of worship.

I’m in a season of change and transition in my life. Some of you may have heard my story already, so bear with me.

In August of this year, I resigned from my job with the federal government after 11 years of service. I had been asking the Lord to allow me to leave for almost 2 years, but more so last year after I graduated with my Masters Degree.

I just knew there was more for me. It wasn’t just the degree I had earned. My job wasn’t difficult either, but the work culture was toxic.

I knew in my heart that 2013 would be my last year with the organization. I just had to trust God in His timing to allow me to go.

A few weeks before I resigned, everything around me was saying it’s time. Time to go. I prayed and prayed about it. I felt a peace come over me and God spoke to my heart that He would take care of me. And He has done just that!

During those last few weeks on the job, one of Israel’s songs continuously played in my head. I found myself singing everyday, even at work, which I did quite often to keep my peace.

The song is titled “You Have Me/You Hold Me”, a medley on the “Jesus Is the Center” album. One of the verses near the end of the song says:

“You won’t let go of me (3x’s) You will take care of me (3x’s). You always take care…you always take care of me. And you won’t let go of me.”

Anyhow, enough of my singing…as if you heard me through your monitor.

My favorite part to this story is that God allowed me to see Israel Houghton live, in concert, two weeks after I resigned from my job. I heard Him sing this song and it was as if God Himself was singing it to me. I was so moved.

My Daddy, God, never ceases to amaze me! I just love Him so much because He loves me more!

Please enjoy the video. Listen to the song in its entirety and tell me what you think in the comment section below. Click on the link below to watch the video. Enjoy and God bless!


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