Getting the most out of Living Single (Part 3)

10-Ways-to-Get-the-MostAfter a time of living a complacent single life, I prayed to God and asked Him to allow me to enjoy living single.  As a result, I’ve come across many ways of enjoying the single life. In Part 1, I provide a background of my transition period from dating to single.

In Part 2, I talk about giving yourself a “heart check” and provide 3 keys to being content in your singleness. If you haven’t had a chance to read those, click on the links above to get caught up.

In this article, Part 3 of the series, I provide 10ways to getting the most out of living the single life by listing activities and inexpensive ways to enjoy life.

10 ways to Get the Most Out of Living Single

1) Get the most out of your apps. I use apps to find the best deals on concerts, massages, movies, manipedis, dinner and so much more. Some good discount apps include:  Groupon, Living Social, and Amazon Local.

Groupon is my favorite app, because I’ve really gotten my money’s worth from the app.  For example, since August I’ve gone to three concerts.  Two of the concerts featured two of my favorite artists, Israel Houghton (favorite praise and worship artist) in one and India Arie (favorite Neo-soul artist who loves the Lord) in another. Awesome!

2) Find others with similar interest. When I initially moved to North Carolina from Michigan, I didn’t know anyone. I joined a group of women who were new to Charlotte and had similar interests as me. I found the group on the Internet via Meetup. Meetup is a wonderful means to connecting with people. I didn’t do much with my group, which I regret now. However, it was a very busy time in my life with the move, my children, and buying a new house.

Meetup groups have varying interest such as arts and culture, dancing, fashion and beauty, outdoors and adventure, singles, parenting and family, as well as many others. Another good thing about Meetup is that if you have a great idea for a group, you can start your own meetup group.  Meetup is located in 196 countries. It has 15.21 million members and over 140,000 groups (Meetup (2013). About Meetup. Retrieved from

3) Join a Singles Ministry. Many churches have ministries for Singles.  If your church doesn’t, try visiting a different church that has a good ministry for Singles that allows nonmembers to attend the group as well. That doesn’t mean you have to leave your church. However, as single Christians, it’s important to be connected to other Christian Singles for accountability, for understanding, and for fellowship.

4) Gift a friend to join you. If you find good deals on activities that you don’t want to do alone, bless a friend or relative by paying for them to attend the activity with you.  I found a really good deal on dance-fitness classes that included Zumba, JamStrong, DanceOut, as well as many others. For a $17 Groupon 🙂 , I can attend five different classes. The Groupon allowed me to buy another one as a gift for my running buddy to attend the classes with me.  For $17 more dollars, I couldn’t resist.

5) Arrange a play date for you and your kids (if applicable). When I lived in Michigan, my coworkers and I became really good friends and had plenty of gatherings together. We had potlucks where everyone brought a dish to share. My kids were young at the time so it was fun for them to play with my friends’ kids as well.

I think my favorite was pizza nights where my friend provided the dough and sauce and we each brought our own toppings. It was fun for the kids as well because they loved eating the pizza they made for themselves.

6) Go out to eat with family/friends or by yourself. I go out to eat once a month either with friends or family. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner…doesn’t matter. It gives me face-time to interact with others and share the latest news about my beautiful granddaughter 🙂 while being updated about their lives as well. If once a month does not fit in my budget, I go bi-monthly.

I know the “by yourself” part seems scary, but I have found that eating alone isn’t as unpopular as most may think. If you’re unsure, try going during lunch hour. You will find plenty of people eating alone during lunch hour. I mainly do lunches because I’m frugal and like to save money on lunch specials. Then ease yourself into going to dinner alone. I’m usually so focused on the food and atmosphere that I’m not thinking about anything else. I have seen others who were alone reading a book or newspaper. I’ve never done it, but it’s not a bad idea.

7) Get to know your city. One of the things I like about living in my city is that there are always interesting things to do.  We have lots of festivals, from art to food, all around the city at various times of the year. Last year, I signed up to receive emails from a local theater. It’s so awesome because I get early discounts for shows/plays before they are showcased to the public.

Also, if you become a member, many theaters will offer bundled deals for Broadway shows up to half off the cost of paying for each show individually. Check out the museums in your city.  We have a wonderful children’s museum called Discovery Place, a Black History Museum, and a NASCAR Museum, just to name a few.

8) Plan a day/overnight trip.  Try visiting a town nearby or even in the next state where the drive isn’t taxing to your wallet or your body. I love living in NC because I can drive to the beach in Myrtle or  Charleston, SC, or the mountains in Asheville, NC, or to the aquarium in Atlanta, GA, which are all less than a 4 hour drive one way.

I like to research things to do on TripAdvisor before going on a trip. TripAdvisor provides the best things to do that are rated by actual travelers.  Also, you can read the travelers’ reviews and see pictures of most places and even pics of food to help you decide.

9) Movie Time. In my town, we have a $2 cinema theatre called Cinemark. If you want to wait after a movie has left the major theatres to watch it, head to Cinemark. Sure, sometimes it may even be on DVD, but it’s a trip out of the house and you get to eat some awesome popcorn and some Raisinets or Jujubees.

Some movies look too interesting to wait until it has left the major theatres. For those movies, AMC Theatres,  which has over 400 theatres across the U.S., offers a weekly deal for $5, Monday – Thursday.  That’s more than half the cost of a regular ticket to watch new releases and any movie that is still playing at their theatres.

Also, the AMC Stubs rewards program rewards guest loyalty with exciting benefits such as a $10 reward per $100 spent and free concessions upgrades (AMC Theatres (2013). About AMC. Retrieved from

10) Vacation. If you need a vacation and can’t find anyone to go with you, do research on the Internet. During the Fall to early February, cruise lines offer really cheap deals. The deals are usually cheap enough to pay for double occupancy so you can enjoy the room alone. If you’re concerned about the weather in other places, do the research on the web to find out what the average temp is during that time of year.

If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you’ve noticed that a lot of the fun is actually on the ship so take advantage of the games, the shows, and the food that’s offered. Shore excursions are fun as well and are usually less expensive during off season.

If you don’t like cruising, then check out flights to destinations during the Fall and Winter months. Airline prices tend to drop when kids head back to school after summer vacation.  However, beware of travel during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I used to work at an airport and the day before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year.

If all else fails, create a savings for that special vacation. You will feel better knowing that it is already paid for and will enjoy the vacation even more.  My kids and I used change saved in cans to help with the cost of going to Disney.  Every little penny helped.

**Don’t forget that Meetup also have travel groups you can join so you don’t have to travel alone.

That’s my top ten ways of getting the most out of Living Single.

What are some of your ideas? Please post a comment and if you have a blog, leave a link connection so we can pay your blog a visit.

May His love overwhelm you,

Marilyn J.


5 thoughts on “Getting the most out of Living Single (Part 3)”

  1. Wow! You’ve painted the single life as a piece of cake. I’ve been single since 2007 and I love it. I enjoy eating alone and don’t mind others watching me. I would rather be single and happy, versus pretending to be in love.

    By the way, thanks for all the tips, I need to plan some play dates with myself.:-)

    Also, I’m a blogger too at Check it out when you get a chance.

    1. Hi Antoinette. Yes, being single is definitely a plus versus being in a loveless relationship. Thanks for commenting and stopping by. I’m headed over to pay your site a visit.

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